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South Carolina Freedom Summit – May 9, 2015

The South Carolina Tea Party Mega-Event Kicks Off 2016 Presidential Race (Politichicks – Sonya Sasser)

This past weekend at the Springmaid Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention officially launched the 2016 presidential race with several potential candidates, including: famous neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, Conservative darling Senator Ted Cruz, former senator Rick Santorum, and famous business mogul Donald Trump... Continue here.

SC Tea Party Coalition Convention kicks off in Myrtle Beach (Carolina Live – Liz Cooper)

South Carolina's Tea Party Coalition Convention started Saturday in Myrtle Beach, drawing hundreds from across the country... Continue here.

Christmas Caroling

South Carolina exercising the Tenth Amendment

On April 25, the South Carolina House passed a partial nullification of Obamacare that, according to State Representative Mike Burns, would be the first such legislation “passed by any state in modern American history AFTER the Supreme Court gave its opinion on the constitutionality of a federal act.” Burns, who opposes Obamacare, said “H.3101 would require the state to refuse the creation of an ObamaCare exchange, Medicaid expansion, and much more. This covers a big portion of the steps needed to fully nullify Obamacare.” If passed by the Senate, signed by the governor, and implemented by the state’s Attorney General, the bill would ...

South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District votes today – and Tea Party activists are in the middle of it

South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District is voting in the Republican primary for Senator Tim Scott’s (R-SC) replacement today. The race has gotten national attention for a variety of reasons, including the candidacy of former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford among the 16 men and women running. Back in February, a number of conservative grassroots groups in the 1st District joined with Freedomworks and Tea Party Patriots to launch a Candidate Forum, complete with a Voter Guide. According to co-organizer Debbie Jones, there were approximately 450 people in attendance, and all 16 GOP candidates participated. The Forum was quite extensive, ...

Today’s Passionate Patriots: Dee & Carol

Last week, Tea Party Patriots launched its new initiative - - Passionate Patriot. Intended to highlight the great work of those who go above and beyond even the normal extraordinary efforts of all grassroots activists, we highlighted Linda Dorr of Laguna Beach, CA for her creative outreach to potential voters in Ohio. Today’s Passionate Patriots have done a different kind of outreach than Linda, but to no less effect. In the last few months, and over 5,000 miles later, Dee Park and Carol Wheeldon have led the creation of nearly 20 billboards around the state of North Carolina. Additionally, they put together a GOTV tour with Tea Party Patriots ...

Local Tea Party in North Carolina Plans Big Impact on National Election

  The Jackson County Patriots kicked off a statewide NC Tea Billboard Project in typical tea party fashion waving flags to passing motorists.  Many drivers in this conservative area, honked in response. Starting in their Western North Carolina backyard with billboards in Cullowhee and Sylva, they plan to put up 15 to 60 in strategic locations across the state. The billboard project is a co-operative effort of multiple Tea Party organizations across the state and is supported by a grant from the nation’s largest Tea Party group, the Tea Party Patriots, Inc. These tea party patriots expect to have a big impact on North Carolina, where, in ...

North Carolina Speakers Bureau

Mark Hager Local Coordinator, Yadkin Valley Tea Party Statesville, NC       Maureen Wilson Local Coordinator, NCFIRE Immigration Tea Party Wilmington, NC

Veteran dies of cancer that went undetected by VA doctors for a year

Disabled Army veteran Barry Coates, who became one of the many faces of the Veterans Affairs wait-list scandal, died of cancer Jan. 23 — less than two years after testifying before a House committee to the “gross negligence” he suffered at the hands of the VA. Military.com has the story: Coates, only 46 when he died on Jan. 23, became the face of the Veterans Affairs Department wait-time scandal — in which patients whose appointments were put off by a system unable to handle the volume of men and women needing its services. "It is likely too late for me," he told the House Veterans Affairs Committee during an April 9, 2014 hearing. "The ...