Congress: Don’t Expand DOT

There's been a 15% increase in consumer prices since Biden took office. And the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) has a big role in that.

Big costs for consumers come into play when DOT imposes heavy-handed regulations on America's supply chains.

Now, some members of Congress want to give DOT even more power to slow supply chains and drive up consumer costs.

Their bill would apply the strictest regulations intended for hazardous materials to everyday items like food and household products. It would impose massive new fines that discourage shippers from making investments in smarter and safer transportation. And it would give sweetheart deals to union bosses who have no stake keeping consumer costs low.

America's transportation industry needs to be safer, more efficient and deliver high-quality service to consumers. We won't get there if Congress saddles our supply chains with heavy-handed regulations.

Contact your members of Congress and tell him or her: vote NO on the so-called "Railway Safety Act".


Block Biden’s Energy Rationing

Coal provides power for one-fifth of America's household energy needs - heating water, providing light, and warming their homes in the winter.

Those basic needs will become a lot more expensive if the Biden administration is allowed to impose new EPA rules designed to put American energy out of business.

The rules - unapproved by Congress - propose ludicrous new emissions standards on energy producers. The Biden administration knows traditional power plants could never be expected to meet the mandates. Instead, they expect 422 coal-fired power plants to be taken offline, along with any other plants that don't meet the government's emission mandates.

Biden's cronies admit this plan will drive up prices for American households. But they're forging ahead because their left-wing energy agenda demands America must be "carbon neutral" by 2035.

Congress must step in to protect Americans from skyrocketing energy bills and this unnecessary rationing of energy. Congress can stop the Biden administration's attack on American energy security with a resolution under the Congressional Review Act.

Contact your Members of Congress and tell him or her: STOP the Biden administration's attack on American energy!


Stop the Border Bleed

The House Republicans have put forth a border security bill that is actually good! We need to call the House and tell them to pass it! When you call your representative, tell him or her to vote YES on H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023 (read the summary).

H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023 would do the following:

  • Force the Biden Administration to restart construction of the border wall
  • Deploy technology to the southern and northern border
  • Increase the number of Border Patrol agents and provide bonus pay
  • Require transparency regarding illegal crossings from the Department of Homeland Security
  • Strengthen current law to protect unaccompanied children from human trafficking
  • End catch and release
  • End abuse of executive immigration authority
  • Strengthen and streamline the asylum process

The vote will likely take place this Wednesday. Please call your representative before Wednesday and tell him or her to vote YES on H.R. 2. Once the vote has happened, please also call Republicans to say thank you for voting yes.


Debt Ceiling: Hold the Line

On the debt ceiling issue, we need to call the Senate right now. There are enough Republicans demanding spending cuts in exchange for increasing the debt ceiling that they can filibuster any clean increases proposed by the Democrats.

When you call your Senators, tell them to hold the line on the debt ceiling - do not vote for a debt ceiling increase without real spending cuts!

Note: Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski need extra attention. If you have time, please also call one or both of them and ask them to hold the line as well.

Find your senators' phone numbers

Lisa Murkowski: (202)-224-6665

Mitt Romney: (202) 224-5251


Block Julie Su!

President Biden has nominated current Deputy Secretary of Labor Julie Su to serve as the new Secretary of Labor. That's a disastrous choice, and her nomination should be defeated.

Prior to serving as Deputy Secretary in Biden's Department of Labor, Su served from 2017-2019 as California Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development. During her tenure, she oversaw two terrible labor actions that hurt millions of Californians.

First, as Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, she had oversight of an agency called the Employment Development Department, which was responsible for distributing a large portion of California's Covid assistance funds. On her watch, California scam artists stole more than $32 billion. An investigation later found that the agency had failed to use fraud prevention systems because the systems, which would have cost several million dollars per year, were deemed "too expensive" - and, as a result, tens of BILLIONS of dollars were lost to fraud.

More infuriatingly, it was the most obvious kind of fraud. Single addresses received dozens of checks made out to dozens of different recipients. Forms were filed in the name of, and checks were made out to, "Minnie Mouse" and "Poopy Britches." Su's agency did not crosscheck the names against prison records, either, so thousands of inmates - including convicted murderers - received unemployment benefits fraudulently. Then, when the agency recognized the fraud, it froze benefits for thousands of legitimate recipients.

Remember, the Inspector General of the Department of Labor recently informed Congress that the federal agency has its own fraud problems - it lost at least $191 billion due to fraud during the Covid emergency. Biden has said he wants to clean up Covid fraud. There's no way he's going to be able to make good on that promise if Su is confirmed as Secretary of Labor - it's her department that oversees unemployment insurance, where most of the fraud occurred.

Second, Su also supports California's AB5, a law that uses standards to determine who's an employee or who's an independent contractor that are so complicated that it's made it nearly impossible for independent contractors to operate in California. According to multiple members of California's congressional delegation, this one law, supported by Su, "has cost tens of thousands of freelance workers and independent contractors their economic livelihoods."

Big Labor wants similar regulations put in place at the federal level. Putting similar regulations in place at the federal level would make it easier for union organizers to strong-arm them into joining their unions.

Julie Su's record makes it clear: She is the wrong person to serve as the Secretary of Labor!


Defend Clarence Thomas

For more than thirty years now, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has stood in the breach, fighting the liberal assaults on every front, holding firm as a bulwark who stands for God, the United States of America, and the Constitution.

His refusal to bow to the liberals is one of the reasons we still have a functioning republic tethered to the Constitution. It goads them. It provokes them to more and more intense fits of rage.

They have attacked his wife. They have attacked his friends. Now they attack him for enjoying the hospitality of his friends, even though they know he has - as a man of integrity - strictly abided by all the ethical guidelines required of him as an associate justice of the Supreme Court.

For more than three decades, Justice Clarence Thomas has had our back. Now it's time we had his.

Please contact your two U.S. Senators today and tell them you support Clarence Thomas. Tell them you believe he is a good man who has been wrongly targeted for his political beliefs. Tell them Justice Clarence Thomas has been fighting liberal assaults on the Constitution for more than three decades, and he deserves our strong support.