The Senate has passed the deceptively named, "Inflation Reduction Act," with zero Republican votes. They used parliamentary tricks, like they always do when they don't have enough votes, to pass this with only Democrat votes.

It now will go to the House. This bill is so bad, Obamacare pales in comparison.

The American people must fight against this bill immediately and until it is defeated. Use this campaign to get started today!


Democrats Must Condemn the Threats

It is way past time for Democrats to speak out against the dangerous behavior of their supporters. Democrats in Congress, Joe Biden, and Attorney General Merrick Garland have the moral and ethical responsibility to tell their supporters to stop the threats, the attempted violence, and the intimidation and harassment of the justices and their children in their private lives.

Use this campaign to easily and quickly contact all Democrat Senators and Representatives, and the White House, and tell them to publicly speak out and condemn the threats against the conservative justices!


Border Security Now

Use our latest AlignAct campaign to quickly and easily contact five Democrat Senators who have publicly opposed Biden’s plan to end Title 42. Title 42 isn’t enough to secure our border, but without it, illegal crossings will more than double to an estimated 18,000 per day! These Democrats have publicly opposed ending this policy, but when given the chance to vote to keep it, they voted the wrong way. We are tired of their empty words. They must act now and stop trying to trick voters, while at the same time appeasing their radical, left-wing party base.


Reopen the Keystone Pipeline

Within hours of being sworn in, one of Joe Biden's first actions he took was to cancel the Keystone Pipeline.

The moment he did that, he put America - and the world - in danger, forcing our country and our allies to rely on energy from dictators like Vladimir Putin.

If America had energy independence right now, we wouldn't be financing Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

The Keystone Pipeline must be reopened immediately and America must regain our energy independence!