Help the House Stand Strong & More

The House already passed H.R. 2, which is a very strong border security bill, and our country would be much better off if it was law! Call your Republican Senators to tell them to continue to stand firm against the Democrats’ efforts to pass amnesty and cement our open borders into law. Right now, the GOP is holding firm and we need to tell them to keep standing strong. Tell them to keep up the fight!


Support Sen. Tommy Tuberville

There are two other messages to give all Senators, both Republican and Democrat. Right now, Senate Democrats and some Republicans are attacking Sen. Tuberville for his effort to keep radical left-wing activists out of military leadership, and his effort to stop the military from paying for female service members to travel from states where abortions are illegal to states where they are legal. Tell them to stop attacking Sen. Tuberville and to support his efforts. Additionally, tell them to refuse to reauthorize FISA in the NDAA or other extraneous bills. If it is going to be reauthorized, it must be through a bill called the Government Surveillance Reform Act.