Since the beginning of Joe Biden’s term, more than 7 million illegal immigrants have been allowed into the United States. The Biden Administration has also ordered all federal agencies, via executive order, to promote voter registration to every person who comes into contact with the agency. There are really no safeguards in operation that would prevent illegal immigrants or legal immigrants (who are also not supposed to vote) from registering and voting in many states. We fielded a poll at the end of January that shows the vast majority of Americans (as in, over eighty percent) agree that only U.S. citizens should register to vote and vote.


We must get the House to act immediately on this issue. Please use our Align Act campaign to let Congress know you want them to prevent noncitizens from voting before the 2024 election! Then, after you contact Congress, read and share Jenny Beth’s op-eds about this critical issue – there is one on Breitbart and one on Daily Caller.


The US House of Representatives voted to impeach Secretary Mayorkas for his deliberate failure to secure our border, but the Democrat leadership in the Senate wants to sweep his impeachment under the rug. They are trying to do whatever they can to avoid holding a trial. This is wrong. We believe the trial is crucial to ensure accountability and protects the integrity of our government institutions. His handling of the immigration crisis at our southern border has demonstrated a lack of competence and a disregard for the citizens of America.

Every senator is obligated to hear the evidence against Sec. Mayorkas. It is also our opinion that the evidence is overwhelming, and that he should be convicted and removed from office. Please use our Align Act campaign to let your senators know that you want a trial to be held and that you believe the evidence will show that Sec. Mayorkas should be convicted and removed from office.

Note: During the week of February 19 - 23, senators are on recess and in their home states. If you are able to call their D.C. offices and a local office, that would be very helpful!