Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) - yet another unelected regulatory agency that most Americans know nothing about - announced that they may move to ban gas stoves.

Yes, everyone's favorite kind of stove with which to cook.

When outrage ensued, CPSC announced they may instead "regulate" them to make them safer. As a reminder, it was a 2013 rule by the Obama Administration that made dishwashers completely inefficient, frustrating Americans for years.

CPSC is spouting falsehood after falsehood and the Biden Administration is pretending this isn't happening. Meanwhile, the American people are once again waiting to see if the people working in the shadows of their government make good on their threat to intrude on the kind of stove with which we choose to cook.

If you agree that this is an outrageous overreach, use the Tea Party Patriots activism tool to submit a ready-made comment, or send your own message in support of gas stoves! We have provided a draft statement for you, or you can also make your own changes.


Block Julie Su!

President Biden has nominated current Deputy Secretary of Labor Julie Su to serve as the new Secretary of Labor. That's a disastrous choice, and her nomination should be defeated.

Prior to serving as Deputy Secretary in Biden's Department of Labor, Su served from 2017-2019 as California Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development. During her tenure, she oversaw two terrible labor actions that hurt millions of Californians.

First, as Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, she had oversight of an agency called the Employment Development Department, which was responsible for distributing a large portion of California's Covid assistance funds. On her watch, California scam artists stole more than $32 billion. An investigation later found that the agency had failed to use fraud prevention systems because the systems, which would have cost several million dollars per year, were deemed "too expensive" - and, as a result, tens of BILLIONS of dollars were lost to fraud.

More infuriatingly, it was the most obvious kind of fraud. Single addresses received dozens of checks made out to dozens of different recipients. Forms were filed in the name of, and checks were made out to, "Minnie Mouse" and "Poopy Britches." Su's agency did not crosscheck the names against prison records, either, so thousands of inmates - including convicted murderers - received unemployment benefits fraudulently. Then, when the agency recognized the fraud, it froze benefits for thousands of legitimate recipients.

Remember, the Inspector General of the Department of Labor recently informed Congress that the federal agency has its own fraud problems - it lost at least $191 billion due to fraud during the Covid emergency. Biden has said he wants to clean up Covid fraud. There's no way he's going to be able to make good on that promise if Su is confirmed as Secretary of Labor - it's her department that oversees unemployment insurance, where most of the fraud occurred.

Second, Su also supports California's AB5, a law that uses standards to determine who's an employee or who's an independent contractor that are so complicated that it's made it nearly impossible for independent contractors to operate in California. According to multiple members of California's congressional delegation, this one law, supported by Su, "has cost tens of thousands of freelance workers and independent contractors their economic livelihoods."

Big Labor wants similar regulations put in place at the federal level. Putting similar regulations in place at the federal level would make it easier for union organizers to strong-arm them into joining their unions.

Julie Su's record makes it clear: She is the wrong person to serve as the Secretary of Labor!


STOP Biden’s Backdoor WHO Treaty

Joe Biden is taking another page from his old boss. This time, he's ignoring the Constitution's provision that prevents the president from committing the U.S. to treaties without ratification by the Senate.

The treaty Joe Biden wants to sneak past the Senate would impose even greater restrictions on America's sovereignty than Obama's unratified Paris Climate Accord. The treaty, known as WHO CA+, would create an international super-organization with the power to impose new pandemic restrictions in America and all over the world.

Of course, international cooperation with America's allies is a valuable tool for peace. But subverting the Constitution by stripping the Senate of its treaty powers is a dangerous move that will erode our liberties and strip away our independence.

If you believe America should maintain our sovereignty, DEMAND A VOTE in the Senate on the WHO CA+ treaty - and then urge your senators to VOTE NO!


It’s Time for Pete Buttigieg to Go

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is in over his head, and it's clear that it's time for him to leave the department and go back to Indiana. President Biden must demand Buttigieg resign - and if Buttigieg won't, Biden should fire him.

Buttigieg's priorities have been wrong from day one. Instead of leading the vast bureaucracy that is the Department of Transportation, he has spent time declaring that "there is racism physically built into highways," and suggesting there are too many white workers in the construction industry. He was absent when a potential railway strike threatened to cripple our nation's economy - in fact, he was on vacation in Portuguese wine country! - and he failed to properly deal with an FAA system failure that shut down air travel to Florida in January.

Most recently, Buttigieg's failure to do his job has been evident in the lack of leadership he demonstrated in dealing with the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. He failed even to show up (the first test of leadership) until three weeks after the derailment, and, when he did finally arrive, he offered no comfort to the townspeople.

Buttigieg pays little attention to the railways under his jurisdiction because he does not like trains - because they are not on the "approved" list for future travel in the Green New Deal future he wants to help build. He's made it clear transportation just isn't his thing, and he wishes he had John Kerry's job. It's time for him to go!


Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas Now!

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas swore an oath to defend and secure the United States of America, and to uphold the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution tasks the executive branch - among whose officers is the Secretary of Homeland Security - with ensuring that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed.

But Secretary Mayorkas has failed to uphold his oath of office. Instead, he has "presided over a reckless abandonment of border security and immigration enforcement, at the expense of the Constitution and the security of the United States," in the words of H.Res. 89. His continued failure to maintain operational control of the border of the United States and his decision to release millions of illegal immigrants into the interior of the United States are violations of his oath of office.

The Immigration and Nationality Act requires the U.S. Government "to detain inadmissible aliens arriving into the United States or aliens who are present in the United States without inspection while such aliens are processed under expedited removal or placed in removal proceedings." The law is quite specific. It does not allow the Secretary of Homeland Security to release into the interior of the United States those inadmissible aliens. Yet that is exactly what Secretary Mayorkas has ordered, in clear violation of the law.

As a direct result of Secretary Mayorkas' actions and policies - that is, as the direct result of his failure to uphold his oath of office - our southern border is not secure, and our country is less safe than it was when he took office. Consequently, he warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.


Demand DirecTV Restore Newsmax

DirecTV has decided it would rather rake in more profits than provide Newsmax - one of America's only conservative TV networks - to its audiences.

DirecTV claims that politics aren't part of its decision to cut Newsmax. But that's hard to believe when MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and countless other liberal TV networks appear to have no trouble negotiating new contracts, while Newsmax gets rejected.

The more we allow the titans of media to decide what news we consume, the less we'll be able to stand up for ourselves - and stand together - when America's fate is in the balance.

Fight for fairness and balance in media! Urge DirecTV to restore Newsmax!


Do you think judges on the federal bench should be familiar with the U.S. Constitution? President Biden disagrees! His latest nominee, Charnelle Bjelkengren, confessed she has no knowledge of Article II or Article V. Urge your U.S. Senators to STOP this dangerous nomination for a lifetime appointment!