There are tens of millions of noncitizens, both legal and illegal, residing in the country. The Biden Administration allowed the invasion and ordered all federal agencies, via executive order, to promote voter registration. However, there are currently NO requirements to show documentary proof of citizenship when registering to vote in the United States.

A bill has been introduced in both the House and the Senate that would close loopholes in voter registration. It's called the Safeguarding American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act. Tell your representative and both senators that you want them to co-sponsor and vote for the only bill that protects every American's vote by requiring documentary proof of citizenship at time of voter registration and closes the loopholes.




Secure & Win

Our wide-open border allows terrorists and criminals to cross by the thousands every single day. Not only does the Biden administration not try to stop the invasion, the administration's policy is to encourage and facilitate it. Simultaneously, government agencies have become so deeply corrupted that American citizens are persecuted for simply disagreeing with or standing up to this administration.

Inflation is still hurting American families. Our children are targets for radical left-wing activists, and we are one election away from the left being able to pack the Supreme Court, so that it is nothing more than a rubber stamp for left-wing policies.

All of this, and more, is why it is so important to Secure & Win. You are the shield between freedom and tyranny, and the battle starts now. Thousands of patriots are needed to serve as poll watchers and poll workers - to secure our election, and thousands of patriots are needed to help us Get Out The Vote amongst conservative voters - to win the election.

We can't Secure & Win without you, and we can't save America if we don't Secure & Win. Don't wait, sign up to Secure & Win today!

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Stand With Israel

The weekend of April 14, 2024, Israel was attacked by Iran and their allies in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. Again, we are called on to stand with Israel and to urge our members of Congress to stop playing political games when it comes to aid to Israel. The Senate refuses to pass an Israel aid bill the House already passed, and is paid for by cuts to the IRS. Therefore, the call to action is call your representative and both of your senators and tell them to pass aid for Israel.

  1. Call the House: Tell your representative to pass a clean, stand-alone Israel aid bill, and to reject the Senate bill that includes aid to other countries; we just want a clean bill that sends aid to Israel.
  2. Call the Senate: Tell both of your senators to demand that Sen. Schumer take up the House-passed stand-alone Israel aid bill that includes the pay-for through IRS reductions.

Additionally, the history of the Israel aid bills is a little bit confusing. We put together a summary to explain what occurred before and the current situation.

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Border Bonanza

H.R.2, the Secure the Border Act, already passed in the House of Representatives. This bill the has real, meaningful border security provisions that our country so desperately needs. The bill faces the Democrat-controlled Senate, and they would like nothing more than to send it back to the House with big changes that weaken it. We must not let that happen.

The Senate is also in control of whether or not the impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will happen. He was impeached by the House for his dereliction of duty regarding border security. It is every senator's obligation to hear the evidence, rather than refusing to hold the trial for partisan reasons.

First, contact your representative and tell him or her: Do not compromise on border security, and reject changes that would undermine the safety of Americans.

Second, contact your senators and tell them to pass H.R.2 to protect American lives and control our border, and to hold the Secretary Mayorkas impeachment trial immediately.

Lastly, to change these open-border policies, we must change the policymakers. Get involved in our efforts to Secure & Win in 2024 by signing up for more information today!



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Pass H.R. 2/Laken Riley

Please call your representative and both of your senators, and ask them to either continue supporting or to pass H.R. 2, a real border security bill that closes loopholes that Joe Biden is exploiting. It's already been passed by the House.

  • Tell your representative to settle for nothing less than H.R. 2, and continue supporting it.
  • Tell your senators to get moving and pass H.R. 2 without delay.

For both chambers, when you are speaking about this, remind them that Laken Riley didn't have to die. A young woman murdered, her family devastated, because of Joe Biden's deliberate open-border policies.

And yes, please call even if you represented by Democrats. They must hear about this because their constituents are threatened by the flood of illegal immigrants too. It is their party that pushes open borders at all costs, and they must be reminded that the cost includes murdered Americans.



TAKE ACTION about Pass H.R. 2/Laken Riley