Stand With Israel

The weekend of April 14, 2024, Israel was attacked by Iran and their allies in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. Again, we are called on to stand with Israel and to urge our members of Congress to stop playing political games when it comes to aid to Israel. The Senate refuses to pass an Israel aid bill the House already passed, and is paid for by cuts to the IRS. Therefore, the call to action is call your representative and both of your senators and tell them to pass aid for Israel.

  1. Call the House: Tell your representative to pass a clean, stand-alone Israel aid bill, and to reject the Senate bill that includes aid to other countries; we just want a clean bill that sends aid to Israel.
  2. Call the Senate: Tell both of your senators to demand that Sen. Schumer take up the House-passed stand-alone Israel aid bill that includes the pay-for through IRS reductions.

Additionally, the history of the Israel aid bills is a little bit confusing. We put together a summary to explain what occurred before and the current situation.