Border Bonanza

H.R.2, the Secure the Border Act, already passed in the House of Representatives. This bill the has real, meaningful border security provisions that our country so desperately needs. The bill faces the Democrat-controlled Senate, and they would like nothing more than to send it back to the House with big changes that weaken it. We must not let that happen.

The Senate is also in control of whether or not the impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will happen. He was impeached by the House for his dereliction of duty regarding border security. It is every senator’s obligation to hear the evidence, rather than refusing to hold the trial for partisan reasons.

First, contact your representative and tell him or her: Do not compromise on border security, and reject changes that would undermine the safety of Americans.

Second, contact your senators and tell them to pass H.R.2 to protect American lives and control our border, and to hold the Secretary Mayorkas impeachment trial immediately.

Lastly, to change these open-border policies, we must change the policymakers. Get involved in our efforts to Secure & Win in 2024 by signing up for more information today!