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Time to let the Ex-Im Bank go

Jul 30, 2014

Collage, Money and business

Most Americans probably have no idea what the Export-Import bank even is, much less why it’s in the news right now. Yet it’s becoming the latest front in the fight to trim federal government. The Ex-Im Bank was established in…

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“Ugly politics,” indeed

Jul 29, 2014

Jenny Beth

Washington is still reeling from last week’s revelation that an ObamaCare architect was warning in 2012 that those on the federal health care exchange aren’t eligible for subsidies. The surprise leak came on the heels of the D.C. Circuit Court…

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The Most Opaque Administration

Jul 29, 2014

Barack Obama

Facts are stubborn things, as famously noted by President John Adams. So, when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest repeated the President’s mantra of being “the most transparent” Administration in history, it raised a few eyebrows and questions. “Given the…

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Fact: Unions hurt the economy

Jul 21, 2014

Man with blue shirt looking at downward trend in graph

A recently-released study [1] shows just how bad labor unions – especially forced unionization – are for the economy. The auto industry specifically has benefited in recent years from moving away from the kind of coercive union membership days of the…

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The U.S. needs tax reform

Jul 17, 2014


Australia’s Senate, on Thursday, voted to repeal [1] legislation and thereby end its country’s two-year experiment with the carbon tax. The carbon tax, it turned out, cost Australia’s economy about $8.5 billion each year and added approximately $500 to families’ utility…

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