Tax Reform is Still Relevant and is Still Working

Tax reform is just as important now as it was during the battle to pass Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While we reap the benefits of the tax cuts, we must maintain vigilance to ensure the Democrats don’t try to raise them again. The best way is to educate those who don’t realize they…

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Leftists Hate to Admit Tax Reform Works

This year, never-Trumpers were hoping tax reform would be a dud. The George Soros-backed outfit known as the Center for Public Integrity and the socialist British newspaper The Guardian were hoping that their report would reveal what they were hoping for. They were wrong. Dead wrong. Job Creators Network President & CEO Alfredo Ortiz gives…

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Current tax code stifles hard-working Americans

Hard-working Americans are at a disadvantage when it comes to the current tax code — especially many small businesses that are estimated to be taxed at a staggering 50 percent rate or more. Many small businesses suffer because of the way the current tax code is structured. The Daily Signal has the details: The complex,…

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88 Conservative Groups Urge Passage of Pro-Growth Tax Reform

Tea Party Patriots, along with 87 other organizations, signed the following coalition letter in support of tax reform.   [blockquote size="full" align="left" byline=""] Dear Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell, Secretary Mnuchin, Director Cohn, Chairman Hatch, and Chairman Brady: On behalf of the undersigned organizations, we write to urge passage of comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform in 2017. In…Read More

Tea Party Patriots Weekly Report from Washington for 8/28/17

CALENDAR: The House and Senate have both left for their August recess, and will not return until Tuesday, September 5. DEBT CEILING: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has advised Congress that he will reach the limit of his ability to use what he calls “extraordinary measures” – what regular people call “smoke and mirrors” – to…

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