Tea Party Patriots Action Releases 46-Page Toolkit for Parents & Students Fighting Critical Race Theory


Atlanta, GA – This week, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) officially released its 46-page toolkit for parents and students fighting Critical Race Theory (CRT).  The toolkit, titled United We Stand, can be found here. The United We Stand toolkit is part of TPPA’s campaign to encourage people to attend their local school board meetings to oppose CRT, and to urge a full return to in-classroom instruction. TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“Every day, there is another story of a local school board and its disdain for parents, students, and taxpayers. We are also seeing parents standing up for their kids in fiery, passionate, well-spoken comments at school board meetings. That is why TPPA created and is distributing our United We Stand toolkit — to stand for content of character, and to stand against Critical Race Theory. CRT promotes racial stereotypes and teaches that the way people think and act is tied to their skin color.  This is the exact opposite of everything the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence represent, and everything the Civil Rights movement fought to achieve. CRT must be stopped, and the United We Stand toolkit shows the way.

“We encourage every parent and concerned citizen who cares about the future of our country to attend their local school board meeting, learn what is going on locally, and ensure schools are fully open. Teachers should be teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, and history without indoctrination. If you want to begin, but do not know how to do this, sign up with Tea Party Patriots Action, and we will help get you started.”

TPPA is working to distribute the toolkit to parents and concerned citizens in over 14,000 school districts. To learn more about TPPA’s campaign to make July National Attend a School Board Meeting Month, click here.

In addition to her organizing work with Tea Party Patriots Action, Ms. Martin is a mom of boy-girl twins who just graduated from public high school. She engages with her local school board in Cherokee County, Georgia, attending local school board meetings, researching issues, informing parents, and sending letters to the school board. Last year, she helped those schools reopen and stay open. She will be at the next school board meeting on July 15.