Conservatives respond to …


… Governor Christie’s $200 million pork barrel spending budget giveaway

“Governor Chris Christie has sold his political soul. After a failed extortion attempt to get Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to fork over $300 million from their reserves to pay for his political pet projects, he has now capitulated to the pork barrel budget spending wishes of Democrats to get his hands-on Horizon’s money. It is the 11th hour and he is desperate.

“Christie doesn’t care one ounce that his reckless healthcare money grab will saddle millions of New Jersey taxpayers and patients with more taxes, less healthcare and exorbitant legal defense bills for years, should his plan succeed. The Governor has stood watch over 11 state credit downgrades and now he is asking the public to bail him out and secure his legacy. For the tough talking, fiscally conservative Christie, we now know what we suspected all along. It was all an act.”