5 ways Tea Party Patriots helped Trump fight the Iran Nuclear Deal

A big win for Tea Party Patriots. President Donald J. Trump today announced he’s decertifying the ill-devised Iran Nuclear Deal – a deal struck during former President Obama’s tenure that gives too much latitude to the world’s top terror financier and a deal we at Tea Party Patriots have been fighting tooth-and-nail since President Trump was…

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Trump’s latest judicial picks added to long list of pending nominees

Last week, President Trump picked two conservative Texans, Texas Supreme Court Justice Don R. Willett and Dallas appellate lawyer James C. Ho, to serve on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Both have an overwhelming amount of experience and have received high praise from their colleagues. So, what’s the problem? Unfortunately, Trump’s recent nominations…

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The heroes of the Las Vegas massacre

On Sunday night, a shooter opened fire from his 32nd floor hotel room and took the lives of nearly 60 people and injured hundreds. What would have been a fun night at a Las Vegas country music concert turned into a massacre. While the shooter was viciously firing into the crowd, there were a few…

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Capital Gains Executive Order Letter

Dear President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin, On behalf of the following organizations representing millions of American taxpayers, we write to strongly recommend that you end the tax injustice that is currently included in the computation of capital gains.  Specifically, we request an Executive Order that would index capital gains to inflation so that taxpayers do…Read More