Washington Examiner: Women’s Obamacare insurance will be ‘essentially worthless’


Women in general have a greater need for health insurance by virtue of their sex and likelihood of requiring pregnancy-related care and therefore shell out more money for health care than men do – something Obamacare was supposed to fix. Female enrollees, however, have apparently fallen victim to Obamacare architects who didn’t work into their equation the percentage of men who – in lieu of higher premiums – forego health insurance altogether.

The Washington Examiner has the details:

Post the ACA, insurance is now gender neutral, meaning you can’t charge a woman more than you would charge a man for the same coverage. Like most of Obamacare’s supposed well-intentioned changes, this has played out differently than planned. Because the ACA does not allow insurers to charge women more than men, many men saw their premiums go up after Obamacare went into effect. Their response? Millions opted to not get coverage at all.

Any reasonable diligence pre-passage of the ACA would have uncovered this. Historically, men are much less likely to be insured. Men make up 58 percent of the uninsured population, a number that has dramatically increased in the past years.

With an anticipated national premium rise of 25 percent as 2017’s doors to enrollment open on the Obamacare exchanges next week, more and more men will likely opt out and take their chances with the uninsured penalty. Minnesota and Tennessee anticipate over 50 percent increases, giving a whole new meaning to swing states this year. As the guys drop, the ladies will be left to face the sharp jabs of exploding premiums and deductibles, making their insurance essentially worthless.

Obamacare is a disaster and, apparently, little-to-no forethought went into the planning phase. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots fight to repeal Obamacare!