This Virginia teen just won gold in Rio – watch her gush about her right to bear arms


The quintessential girl-next-door, 19-year-old Olympic gold medalist in the 10-meter air-rifle competition Ginny Thrasher over the weekend made her television debut to express the thrill of winning an Olympic championship Saturday.

“After I finished shooting, I didn’t have a lot going through my mind other than overwhelming happiness. I was swarmed by my friends and family and a lot of media. After I took the lead in the final, I knew that I was in contention for a medal but, for me, I had to refocus on what would get me to that outcome,” says Thrasher.

Her enthusiasm for the sport is apparent, as she wears a smile the duration of the interview.

“Shooting is a great sport. It’s very underrated but, just like golf, it’s all about mental management and being able to control the mind in accordance with the body, and it’s really – I love shooting so much!” she says.

The Springfield, Virginia native originally had dreams of becoming a figure skater, reports The Washington Post, but instead picked up shooting just five short years ago and never looked back.

“This is my fifth year of shooting and I am so excited to go home and be able to share this with my friends and family.”

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