This gun-toting American woman has medaled at the last six consecutive Olympic games – so why haven’t we heard about her?


California native and women’s skeet-shooting bronze medalist Kim Rhode’s road to Rio was one marked by obstacles: a challenging pregnancy, surgery, the death of numerous friends.

“What the Olympics represent is that journey,” Rhode told NBC. “Overcoming those bumps, the obstacles, the good, the bad.”

To top it off, Rhode’s historic Olympic career – the longevity of which is rivaled by few other Olympians – hasn’t gotten the accolades it deserves.

“Were she involved in any other Olympic sports, she would be seen as a wonderful spokesperson. She is a mother and a wife. She plays ‘Pokemon Go’ and Clash of Clans. She revels in nature. She is like tens of millions of women around the United States, except every four years, since she was 16, she has stood atop an Olympic podium,” writes Yahoo Sports columnist Jeff Passan.

“Instead, because she wields a shotgun, speaks out against gun control and says her 3-year-old son, Carter, is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association, Rhode – a three-time Olympic gold medalist with a silver and two bronzes to boot – is among the most polarizing athletes in Rio…”

A native of Big Bear, Calif., Rhode faces some of the most activist Second-Amendment foes in the nation as the Golden State 9th Circuit Court recently ruled against the right to carry concealed firearms – a flagrant attack on a basic American freedom.

“They are, in a way, killing my sport, making it more difficult for people to start my sport and try it,” Rhode said. “If I’m going out to coach Boy Scouts or teach somebody how to shoot and I can’t loan them a gun or shell, it becomes very challenging to get new people into the sport,” Rhode told Yahoo Sports.

The world is missing out on one of most inspiring Olympic success stories yet of the Rio games because … politics. What a shame. But we at Tea Party Patriots are thrilled Rhode is representing Team USA and the American values we know and love. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge lawmakers to preserve our right to bear arms!