The moment this grocery-store clerk realized government programs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be


Government programs are rarely the answer to assisting those in need. One man in particular came to understand this firsthand when he was a cashier at his childhood grocery store where he witnessed people taking advantage of the food-stamp program: The very program meant to lift people out of poverty, he discovered, was actually enabling fraud and abuse.

The Daily Signal has the story:

I also learned how people gamed the welfare system. They’d buy two dozen packs of soda with food stamps and then sell them at a discount for cash. They’d ring up their orders separately, buying food with food stamps, and beer, wine, and cigarettes with cash. They’d regularly go through the checkout line speaking on their cell phones. I could never understand why our lives felt like a struggle while those living off of government largesse enjoyed trinkets that I only dreamed about.

Mamaw listened intently to my experiences at Dillman’s. We began to view much of our fellow working class with mistrust. Most of us were struggling to get by, but we made do, worked hard, and hoped for a better life. But a large minority was content to live off the dole.

Every two weeks, I’d get a small paycheck and notice the line where federal and state income taxes were deducted from my wages. At least as often, our drug-addict neighbor would buy T-bone steaks, which I was too poor to buy for myself but was forced by Uncle Sam to buy for someone else.

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