Texas sheriff at expense of constituent safety narrows list of reasons to honor ICE detainer

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The Lone Star State’s Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez trimmed the list of criminal offenses Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials give as justification to detain illegal immigrants, instructing her deputies to honor only a handful of the listed offenses and thereby excluding from detention an illegal immigrant accused of sexually abusing a young girl.

The Daily Signal has the details:

The sheriff’s new policy stipulated that only four exempted crimes—murder, capital murder, aggravated sexual assault, and human trafficking—would be grounds for her department to honor an ICE detainer.

Unfortunately for the alleged victim of Hugo Javier Gallardo-Gonzalez and the community at large, accusations of repeatedly sexually abusing a child did not meet the criminal standard for ICE cooperation set by the sheriff.

Gallardo-Gonzalez was arrested this past Sunday, accused of sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s young daughter beginning in 2014. The abuse is alleged to have continued for over a year.

Local authorities who ignore federal, criminal-illegal-immigrant detainer requests so do at the risk of the men and women they are duty-bound to protect. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge our leaders to enforce the immigrations laws already on the books and keep our nation and her citizens safe from harm!