Tax-policy expert: Tax reform needed to ‘revive the slow-growing economy’


Heritage Foundation Tax-and-Economy Research Fellow Curtis Dubay Tuesday explained why Congress must come up with a common-sense tax-reform plan that addresses our lethargic economy and gives it the jump-start it needs to get Americans working again.

The Daily Signal has the commentary:

Tax reform is badly needed to revive the slow-growing economy and increase job creation and wages for American families. The current tax system is a large weight holding the economy back from growing as strongly as it could, thereby suppressing opportunity for Americans at all income levels.

To free the economy to grow larger, tax reform must lower marginal tax rates for families, businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs. Lower rates would increase their incentives for working, saving, investing, and taking risks.

These activities are the basic elements of economic growth. When more of them occur, the economy grows faster.

The tax system needs to better incentivize people to work and assume risks they otherwise would not were the tax system not such a drain on personal pocketbooks. Click here to get involved and help Tea Party Patriots urge lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to devise a common-sense tax plan that is flatter, fairer and simpler.