State Department doles out $185,000 for … thread?


On the heels of news the Department of Veterans Affairs spent millions on artwork while our veterans died awaiting care, State Department officials coughed up nearly $200,000 for a so-called fiber artwork display comprising 98 balls of thread to adorn the embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Washington Free Beacon has the details:

Government spending on lavish art has come under scrutiny in recent weeks after a report revealed the Department of Veterans Affairs spent $20 million on artwork while veterans died waiting to see doctors.

The VA is not alone in purchasing pricey art on the taxpayers’ dime. The State Department spent $185,000 for “Lares and Penates,” a 9.5 foot by 9.5 foot fiber installation by Sheila Hicks, according to a government contract signed in April…

The piece was purchased for the New Embassy Compound in Islamabad, which was completed last summer. The $699 million embassy was built using “green construction techniques,” uses low-flow faucets, and is “fully compliant” with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Officials in our government agencies should be more concerned about executing their duties to the American people than interior decorating. Click here to get involved and help Tea Party Patriots push back against big government!