Second Amendment expert: Cultural ‘divide’ over guns ‘created by media … hostile to gun ownership’


A recent Pew survey found that – although fifty-two percent of adults favor stricter gun-control laws – that statistic doesn’t necessarily ring true at the ballot box, says Second Amendment expert Alan Gottlieb.

The Washington Times has the details:

In addition to the political implications tied to the issue, the Pew survey also revealed deep cultural divides on guns.

About half of gun owners said all or most of their friends also own guns, compared to just 1-in-10 non-gun owners who said the same.

“This divide has been created by media and politicians who are hostile to gun ownership who use terms like gun violence epidemic when in fact crimes committed where guns are used is in fact down”.

While the media and crazed politicians continue to create a fake cultural divide over gun ownership, we must continue to fight to protect the right to bear arms so we can protect ourselves and our families.  Click here to join the fight in securing our Second Amendment rights and oppose attempts to revoke that right.