‘Sanctuary cities’ should not be rewarded for disobeying the law

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke out against the ‘sanctuary cities’ that protect illegal immigrants and interfere with the efforts to reduce crime. Sessions pointed out that these cities “undermine the moral authority of the law.” He spoke to law enforcement in the ‘sanctuary city’ of Portland, OR and asked them to reconsider cooperating with federal immigration agents.
Sessions said the federal grant money that U.S. cities receive are not an entitlement, and cannot be given to sanctuary cities that he said frustrate efforts to reduce crime.
Oregon three decades ago became America’s first sanctuary state with a law that prohibits law enforcement from detaining people who are in the U.S. illegally but have not broken other laws.
Though Sessions asked Portland’s leaders to change their sanctuary policies, he was not scheduled to meet with any of them.

‘Sanctuary cities’ should NOT be rewarded with federal grant money for disobeying the law! It’s time for lawmakers to enforce our laws and require cities and states to live under the law to make America safe again! Click here to find our action items for the week and help us take change our country for the better!