Report: Detroit VA spent $300,000 on televisions it can’t even use

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Staff at the Veteran Affairs medical center in Detroit, Michigan signed off on the purchase of $300,000 worth of incompatible televisions now languishing in a dark VA office, according to a report recently released by federal inspectors.

ABC 7 has the details:

The report says the items were purchased before an installation contract was awarded, and it was later determined the units were not compatible with design plans.

The VA spent nearly $20,000 to adjust their installation design, but still, the majority of the units have not been installed.

Adding further to the frustration, the warranties have since expired, which could lead to additional costs down the road should the units malfunction.

The corruption and sheer incompetence at President Obama’s Veteran Affairs department is appalling. Our veterans should take priority and that means getting things in order at the department intended to care for our former servicemen and women. Click here to get involved and help Tea Party Patriots push back against big-government bureaucracies and mismanagement!