Report: Congress needs to close $10 billion gap in government spending

The government is spending so far past its budget limits that Congress is about to encounter a record gap. New projections show that the government is on track to spend $10 billion more next year to continue current government operations without changes, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The report means that Congress will have to make some serious cuts.

The Daily Signal reported:

With government spending authority set to expire Oct. 1, Congress was expected to pass a makeshift spending measure known as a continuing resolution.

To avoid breaking the $1.07 trillion spending caps established in the budget agreement of October 2015, negotiated by the president and then-House Speaker John Boehner, Congress now must find $10 billion to trim or endure a round of automatic, politically painful spending cuts called the sequester.

That task of identifying the cuts under the Obama-Boehner caps will fall to members of the House and Senate appropriations committees.

Congress needs to get its act together. The only option at this point is to pass a continuing resolution that curbs government spending into next year and keeps corrupt Washington politicians from spending more taxpayer money without political accountability in a lame duck session of Congress. Click here to get involved and help Tea Party Patriots hold our leaders accountable.