Rep. Gohmert to gun-control nuts: ‘Radical Islam killed these people!’

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) Wednesday challenged liberal members of Congress – staked out in the House Chamber for a so-called gun-control “sit in” – who demanded representatives in the wake of the Orlando terror attack vote on gun-control legislation that would tighten background checks for gun buyers – a measure, says Gohmert, that’s beside the point.

“We are talking about radical Islam. Radical Islam killed these people!” Rep. Gohmert is heard saying to his liberal colleagues in Periscope footage filmed during the 16-hour demonstration.

The legislation House liberals wanted a vote on would block those on the “no-fly” and “terror watch” lists from purchasing guns – a measure that distracts from the real issue and fails to lay blame on failed Obama-administration policies, says Rep. Gohmert.

“I just saw this article yesterday – 81,000 names are on the ‘no-fly’ list but fewer than 1,000 are Americans. It means if this administration would protect us from people coming in, then we wouldn’t have to worry about but maybe a thousand people,” Rep. Gohmert said during an interview with Fox & Friends this morning.


Taking away Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms isn’t the answer to the Orlando terror attack, he says.

“Folks were there using the instruments that helped gain civil rights to try to take away peoples’ civil rights,” he said. “It’s insane to try to take away our civil rights, our Second-Amendment rights. And, I’ll tell you, the gun-free zones are where these terrorists like to go because they know that they’re protected.”

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