President-elect Trump taps fiscal conservative to head Office of Management and Budget

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President-elect Donald Trump picked Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) to head the Office of Management and Budget, whose mission is to assist the president in overseeing and preparing the federal budget and supervising its administration among the executive branches of leadership.

“We are going to do great things for the American people with Mick Mulvaney leading the Office of Management and Budget,” President-elect Trump said in a statement, according to the Daily Signal. “Right now, we are nearly $20 trillion in debt but Mick is a very high-energy leader with deep convictions for how to responsibly manage our nation’s finances and save our country from drowning in red ink.”

Rep. Mulvaney prior to the general election was an outspoken critic of the North American Free Trade Agreement, championed by Hillary Clinton’s husband when in the White House, and implied the agreement had an adverse effect on the job prospects of his constituents in three South Carolina counties.

The third-term congressman was also a critic of the so-called “Iran ransom” – $1.7 billion in frozen Iranian assets apparently given to Iran in exchange for a prisoner release despite the fact President Obama’s State Department released findings Iran is the No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism worldwide.

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