Policy expert: American middle class in ‘deep trouble’ over Obamacare premium increases

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Americans enrolled in Obamacare will ring in the new year with Obamacare premium hikes whose deductibles under the silver plan – on average – are nearly $3,600 for singles nearly $7,500 for families. And, while those who make up to $47,080 will have help with their premiums, those who make more than $47,080 will have no help and be forced decide whether to drop their health insurance altogether.

CNS News has the commentary:

But a large chunk of the American middle class earns too much (more than 400 percent of the poverty level) to qualify for either the premium tax credits or the cost-sharing subsidies.

If these persons don’t have, or have lost, employer-sponsored health coverage, they are in deep trouble.

They can risk going “bare” with no insurance—certainly a cheaper, yet risky option—and pay the relatively small price of taking that big risk by coughing up the individual mandate’s tax penalty. Or, instead of joining the ranks of the uninsured, they can enroll in health coverage outside the Obamacare exchanges.

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