Physician Hospitals of America says 30,000 job left uncreated because of Obamacare


Obamacare has continued to wreak havoc on doctor-owned hospitals resulting in overworked doctors, long wait times for patients and squashed planned expansion projects for doctor-owned hospitals. These consequences have drastically impacted our economy with “a loss of $200 million in tax revenue and 30,000 jobs that went uncreated,” according to one trade group.

The Washington Examiner has the details:

“In many cases, patients have to wait forever,” said Dr. R. Blake Curd, an orthopedic surgeon and the hospital’s CEO. “We don’t have the physical capacity to take care of them.”

Because of Obamacare, 37 physician-owned hospitals were not built, 40 nearly finished construction projects were prevented and 20 major expansion projects have been halted, according to their trade group Physician Hospitals of America. It estimates the ban resulted in a loss of $200 million in tax revenue and 30,000 jobs that went uncreated.

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