Patriots nationwide respond to USAA, Hannity controversy


Dozens of patriots from around the country contacted us to express disappointment over USSAA’s decision to pull ad dollars from Fox News’ “Hannity” – a program that, according to the Associated Press, this year has an average viewership of 2.67 million – a move the financial-services company reversed after the public outcry.

Veteran and USAA member John Chaffee expressed his displeasure in an email to us saying, “I wrote USAA and advised them that since they had cancelled their advertising on his show, I was cancelling and I had already cut up, my card.”

USAA initially pulled its ad dollars from “Hannity” allegedly because of the news host’s coverage of a since-retracted story that Democratic National Committee staff member Seth Rich allegedly leaked company emails to WikiLeaks.

Robert Hilton, a veteran and father of a conservative family vocalized impatience with USAA’s decision saying “I am a long time [sic] serving Veteran and their company tells us they are there to serve the Vet is just their form BS to get us to join. I served to protect all of our rights, not just those few that others favor.”