Obamacare’s number 1 success: ‘Sucking vast sums of money from the private sector’


For the past 7 years, Obamacare has wreaked havoc on our health care system, leaving Americans with fewer health care choices and higher insurance premiums. Thanks to Obamacare Repeal Traitors in the Senate Republican Conference, Obamacare will continue to cause problems for Americans and for the delivery of health care in our country until the law is finally repealed. Until then, it is important to remind Americans just how bad Obamacare is for the country.  Linda Gorman, the director of the Health Care Policy Center at the Independence Institute, wrote a new piece for The Hill, showing what Obamacare does excel at: taking money out of the private sector.

Here is what the Independence Institute found:

In Washington, the healthcare debate isn’t about rescuing the people in the individual insurance market from ObamaCare’s high premiums and poor coverage. Nor is it about improving patient welfare, or reducing medical costs. It’s about using the “coverage for all” mantra to suck huge sums of money out of the private sector with ObamaCare taxes, premiums, and regulations.

ObamaCare forces the purchase of health insurance without regard to its price, quality, or value. Federal policies that increase coverage increase the amount of money flowing to special interests. Federal policies that decrease coverage mean more money for private households. No wonder both ObamaCare supporters and Obamacare reformers evaluate proposed changes on whether they increase or decrease coverage.

A 2013 Health Affairs study estimated that 42 million uninsured Americans generated $85 billion in uncompensated care. By 2018, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that ObamaCare will spend $63 billion on insurance subsidies for 10 million people. As Edmund Haislmaier and Drew Gonshorowski calculate, ObamaCare increased the number of privately insured people by just 1.7 million through 2016. This means ObamaCare is spending 75 percent of the amount spent on all uncompensated care to subsidize coverage for about eight million people who already had coverage.

Elected officials refusing to change ObamaCare’s taxes, mandates, guaranteed issue, and Medicaid expansion support ObamaCare’s absurd, irresponsible, and reckless spending. Remember that the next time some politician defending ObamaCare provisions spouts platitudes about pre-existing conditions and the poor.

Obamacare destroys the doctor-patient relationship, puts bureaucrats in charge of your health care, and drives up premiums and deductibles. With two failed attempts at Obamacare repeal, Republicans must take their August recess seriously and find a solution that puts an end to the reckless spending and suffering! Click here to sign a bill that will repeal Obamacare and force lawmakers to live under the law!