Obamacare insurers in Md., Conn., Virginia proposing premium increases

As more Obamacare exchanges contemplate folding in the days ahead, government-run health insurers are submitting proposed premium rate increases for 2018.

The Daily Signal has the story:

Chris Sloan, a senior manager at Avalere, stressed that the figures coming from insurers are only proposed rates, and those rates typically decrease as insurance companies negotiate with state insurance departments and their commissioners.

Still, the preliminary figures from insurance companies indicate that uncertainty about the future of the health insurance market, and the enrollment population from years past, could lead to double-digit premium increases next year.

“This is a market that continues to have underlying issues with the risk,” Sloan told The Daily Signal. “Last year, a lot of people looked at 2017 as a market correction, which is why we had such big increases [in premiums], but then going into 2018 and nothing has changed in most of these markets.”

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