Obamacare enrollee: “It’s going to be a monopoly, basically: ‘Here’s the price; take it or leave it’”

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The Wall Street Journal recently published a story highlighting the departure of health-insurance companies from the imploding Obamacare marketplace. This to the detriment of the Obamacare-marketplace enrollees left behind in rural areas who – in many cases – have only a single option for their health-insurance carrier.

Breitbart has the details:

“The entire states of Alaska and Alabama are expected to have only one insurer on the health law’s signature online marketplaces next year, according to state regulators,” writes the Journal. “The same is expected to be true in parts of several other states, including Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arizona and Oklahoma, state regulators said.”

That means more than 650 counties across the nation will have only a single insurance provider on their ObamaCare exchanges in 2017, a dramatic increase from 225 counties in 2016. 70 percent of those counties have mostly rural populations, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation…

The Wall Street Journal quotes an ObamaCare enrollee, bookkeeper Kori Allen of Kodiak, Alaska, who will lose her existing health insurance plan when her provider pulls out of the local network this year: “It’s going to be a monopoly, basically; ‘here’s the price, take it or leave it.’”

The Obamacare marketplace is leaving some of the most underserved Americans in the dust. It’s high time we repeal the monstrosity that is Obamacare. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge lawmakers to repeal President Obama’s signature health-insurance law.