New York Times: Obamacare tax penalty ‘has not worked all that well’

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The New York Times documents the people choosing to go without Obamacare this coming year because of the price spikes sweeping the country and instead take the tax penalty and pray they don’t need health insurance.

Here are some of the details:

It has not worked all that well, and that is at least partly to blame for soaring premiums next year on some of the health law’s insurance exchanges…

William H. Weber, 51, a business consultant in Atlanta, said he paid $1,400 a month this year for a Humana health plan that covered him and his wife and two children. Premiums will increase 60 percent next year, Mr. Weber said, and he does not see alternative policies that would be less expensive. So he said he was seriously considering dropping insurance and paying the penalty.

“We may roll the dice next year, go without insurance and hope we have no major medical emergencies,” Mr. Weber said. “The penalty would be less than two months of premiums.” (He said that he did not qualify for a subsidy because his income was too high, but that his son, a 20-year-old barista in New York City, had a great plan with a subsidy.)

Families can’t afford to pay more per month for government-mandated health insurance than they pay for their mortgage – nor should they have to after being promised premiums would go down under Obamacare! What a sham. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots repeal the bait-and-switch that is Obamacare!