New York Post editorial: ‘Worst of Obamacare is yet to come’

As if a 25-percent-average increase to federal Obamacare insurance premiums in 39 states isn’t enough, a slew of other problems associated with the botched health-insurance law are bound to arise in the weeks and months ahead.

The New York Post has the details:

More, the law also pushed consolidation — penalizing doctors who stay in independent practice, rewarding hospitals that merge. All because the liberals who wrote the law saw such competition as destructive…

Still ahead: Budget crises in the states that accepted temporary federal bribes to massively expand their Medicaid rolls. More premium hikes on the exchanges, as ever fewer healthy people sign up for coverage — prompting even lower enrollment, and more price hikes, in a sharp “death spiral.”

The “Cadillac tax” will kick in soon, too — so if your union has won great health coverage at the bargaining table, that plan will pay a penalty to Uncle Sam.

Obamacare has more than failed us – it’s become an impediment to freedom and opportunity in America. Enough is enough. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots put an end to President Obama’s disastrous signature health-insurance law.