New VA secretary says he will ‘deal with’ troublesome employees

Former Veterans Affairs Undersecretary Dr. David J. Shulkin last week was the first of President Donald J. Trump’s cabinet nominees to receive unanimous confirmation – he will head Veterans Affairs and says he will “deal with” those in the department who underperform, a point on which he apparently clashed with former VA Secretary Bob McDonald.

The Military Times has the story:

“When you have one or two or three people who really aren’t doing their job, they bring everybody down,” he said during an appearance with Fox News host Pete Hegseth, taped Sunday.

“And so the very best thing I know from my private sector experience is you’ve got to deal with that, you’ve got to get them out of the system, because it helps not only the veterans, but the people who work in VA who are trying to do the right thing for veterans.”

The interview, which will be shown in sections on the “Fox & Friends” morning show throughout the week, is the first real public comments from Shulkin since he became the first non-veteran in American history to oversee the federal veterans agencies.

Employees who don’t pull their weight and who repeatedly make negligent mistakes have no business taking care of our veterans, who deserve the best service we can provide. Click here to see the issues that matter to you and to help Tea Party Patriots encourage lawmakers to hold those at Veterans Affairs accountable!