Martin: Democratic Senators Should Think Twice Before Obstructing Judge Gorsuch


Washington, DC – Tea Party Patriots President and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today regarding Senate Democratic leadership’s refusal to meet with Judge Neil Gorsuch this week and Senate Democrats’ “misleading” claim that Judge Gorsuch requires 60 votes for confirmation. The Washington Post reported yesterday “The White House asked that Gorsuch meet with Schumer, but aides said he declined in order to learn more first about the nominee’s record” and today the Washington Examiner reports “Administration officials confirmed that Schumer and his leadership team won’t even grant Gorsuch a courtesy call.”

“It is clear that Senate Democrats are playing the role of pure obstructionists in Washington, defying the will of the American people. Senate Democratic leadership is refusing to even meet with Judge Neil Gorsuch this week, the Supreme Court nominee even liberals like former Obama Administration Solicitor General Neal Katyal are supporting as exceptionally qualified and fair-minded. And this morning, the Washington Post called Senate Democrats out for their ‘misleading’ claim that Judge Gorsuch requires 60 votes to be confirmed as our next Supreme Court Justice. This obstruction of a Supreme Court nominee as qualified and fair as Judge Gorsuch is unacceptable and Democratic Senators hailing from red states – like Senators Tester, McCaskill, Donnelly and Heitkamp – should think twice before they ignore their constituents and follow their leadership down the path of obstruction. Our network of grassroots activists will let Senate Democrats know that this kind of obstruction is unacceptable.”