Louisiana attorney general: ‘Thrilled’ by prospect of working with Sessions to enforce immigration laws


Republican Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry in a recent opinion piece expressed his enthusiasm at the possibility of working with Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) – if and when he is confirmed as our next U.S. attorney general – to administer federal immigration law.

The Hayride has the commentary:

As Louisiana’s chief legal officer, I am thrilled by the prospect of working with a federal partner like Mr. Sessions who opposes illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Our State has fallen prey to vehicular homicide, human trafficking, child exploitation, and other heinous crimes committed by illegal aliens. Like me, Mr. Sessions supports better coordination of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to keep us safe from drug cartels and terrorists. Tackling our broken immigration system will make Louisiana and all of America safer.

In short – Jeff Sessions has the knowledge, integrity, and fortitude to reverse the politicization of the DOJ. He will do all that he legally can to fix the government entity that has, as United States Senator Ted Cruz succinctly opined, “preferred to act as a quasi-legislature, attempting to rewrite straightforward laws – and even the Constitution itself – to fit its radical agenda… successfully transform[ing] the DOJ from a law enforcement agency to yet another law ‘enhancement’ agency.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions has made it clear if he confirmed as U.S. attorney general he will enforce the laws already on the books – not pick and choose which laws to apply. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots encourage members of the Senate to swiftly confirm the former Alabama attorney general as our next U.S. attorney general!