Lewandowski: President Trump’s tax reform plan will have three big components


Corey Lewandowski, a political commentator and former campaign manager for Trump in 2016, expects Trump’s tax reform plan will have three parts. He expects that the plan will lead to less cash flowing overseas, tax deductions for middle-class families and a more simplified tax code.

The Hill has the scoop:

“You will see the repatriation of money coming back from overseas, which is going to be a huge boost to the economy. You will see the increase in deductions from middle-class and working families so they have more deductions. And you will see the simplifying of the tax burden, the tax code,” he added.

Lewandowski pointed to how Trump will go “on the road talking directly to the American people” while he pushes his agenda, which he says is Trump at his best.

“Look, if that happens, I love when the president is on the road, personally,” Lewandowski continued. “I think he is the very best when he is on the road talking directly to the American people.”

During his campaign, President Trump emphasized how convoluted the American tax system is and now he’s making an effort to fix it. It’s up to lawmakers in Washington to back common-sense tax reform. Please click here to sign the petition and urge lawmakers to pass a tax reform plan that makes the tax code more simplified and fair!