Justice Gorsuch finishing his first term on Supreme Court gives preview of how the nine-justice court will develop

After two months of serving on the court, Justice Neil Gorsuch is already proving himself to be the type of jurist the Supreme Court needs and the one that was promised by President Donald J. Trump.

The Washington Examiner has the full story:

Leah Litman, a University of California, Irvine law professor and former law clerk to Justice Anthony Kennedy, said Gorsuch is exactly as the president billed him: “a firm adherent to originalism and textualism.”

“I think he’s competent. I think he is assertive,” Litman told the Washington Examiner. “He is likely to stake out his own position when he has them, which is as he has shown to be frequently, unlike some other justices who are willing to go along with the majority or find some compromise positions for common ground.”

Litman said she thinks Gorsuch’s addition to the high court means the justices are choosing to take more cases that could wind up narrowly decided than they were willing to do with an eight-member court.

The outcome of a lot of cases, such as the President Trump’s travel ban, will weigh heavily on how Justice Gorsuch decides. Tea Party Patriots hopes Justice Gorsuch will be the tiebreaker in a lot of cases that will preserve liberty for generations to come.