Just in time for Halloween, this man’s Obamacare premium reaches frightening figure

It’s become an all-too-familiar story and it’s getting worse: The next-door neighbors forced onto an Obamacare exchange will be paying more for their health insurance than Americans’ average monthly mortgage payment – this after President Obama said his signature health-insurance plan would “lower” premiums…

Fox News’ Todd Starnes has the scoop:

Mr. Wells, of Colquitt, Georgia, is facing a massive (and I do mean massive) increase in his monthly health insurance premiums, according to a letter he received from BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia.

“Your current monthly premium is $711.83,” read the letter. “Starting in January, your monthly premium will be $1,872.17…”

“It was really tough to play the $700 per month,” Mr. Wells told me. “With this new increase, I don’t see any way we can do that.”

The policy number on Mr. Wells’ so-called insurance? “POS 5500.” You can say that again. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots demand lawmakers roll back Obamacare and start to make amends for the broken promises of the Obama administration.