Judicial Crisis Network launches $500,000 digital ad campaign to bolster President Trump’s judges

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The Judicial Crisis Network announced a digital ad campaign on Monday to pressure Senate Democrats to sign off on President Trump’s judicial nominees and put an end to liberals using gridlock and obstruction.

The Washington Times has the inside scoop:

The Judicial Crisis Network said it will spend $500,000 on digital ads, and they and at least four other conservative organizations will do phone banks and email campaigns, and encourage activists to attend Democratic lawmakers’ town halls. The pressure is building while the Senate is out on recess for roughly two more weeks before returning to D.C.

Mr. Trump entered office with more than 100 federal judicial vacancies to fill, and although eight of his federal judges have been cleared, he still has more than 30 outstanding judicial nominees pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Carrie Severino, the organization’s chief counsel, said Democrats are abusing Senate rules to slow-walk Mr. Trump’s nominees.

“Because of their gridlock, there are now far more judicial vacancies than there were when President Trump took office, and he began with a record number,” she said.

Where President Trump has picked nominees, Democrats are using their ‘procedural tools’ to extend the debate and push off nominations longer. It is time to put an end to Washington’s abuse of power and parties that abuse the system. Click here to hold politicians accountable and ensure they serve the public’s interests not their own!