Jenny Beth’s Journal: Trump’s budget proposal puts taxpayers first


Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin in her latest column says President Donald J. Trump’s proposed budget plan puts American taxpayers ahead of government bureaucrats who fund programs by signing away our children’s future.

The Washington Times has the commentary:

Under the current system – as practiced by both parties over the last several decades – the federal government sees citizens not as taxpayers, but as members of groups, groups that can be bought off with government benefits. Democrats prefer spending programs, Republicans prefer targeted tax incentives. Under this system, the government doesn’t think of the national interest, it thinks of smaller group interests, and, depending on which party is in power, seeks to use those government benefits to build and sustain a majority governing coalition.

It’s quite effective. It’s also extraordinarily expensive, and it relies on money stolen from future generations – I say “stolen” rather than “borrowed” because “borrowing” requires the assent of those from whom the money is taken, and no one in government bothers to ask future generations if they’d be willing to hand over money to spend on government programs now.

Reversing that approach by putting the taxpayer first ends the incentives to spend money. Rather than luxuriate in a system in which bureaucrats can count on ever-expanding budgets where the two parties bid to see which can offer the most benefits to the largest number – that is, one in which the operative question is “How much can we spend?” – such a taxpayer-first mentality rewards a different kind of thinking, and substitutes a different operative question – “How much should we spend, if any at all?”

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