Jenny Beth’s Journal: The key to grassroots success? Stand FOR something


Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin on the heels of crowning grassroots achievements – including helping drive support for new leadership in Washington, D.C. – gives insight into what keeps a movement rooted and able to flourish.

The Washington Times has the commentary:

  1. Be for the rule of law. At Tea Party Patriots, we have consistently obeyed the law and have never had to tell our supporters not to be violent. They knew that instinctively. We do not break laws, smash others’ property or leave a mess behind for others to clean up when we protest.
  1. Respect the system, even as you work to change things. We not only respect the system, but we also love our way of government. We love it even when we do not like the results. We work within the system (constitutional government) to change the results. The whole reason the tea party exists is because we love our country so much.
  1. Anger isn’t a principle. Sure, anger is a great motivator when you want to get people to join together and wear silly (vulgar) pink hats and shout obscenities. But anger is an emotion, not a principle. Tea party supporters get angry when Congress ignores the American people or tramples on the Constitution. Like the left, we get frustrated. Over the course of our movement, we have learned how to translate our frustrations into effective solutions.

We at Tea Party Patriots never would have achieved all that we have if it weren’t for those across the country who love this nation and all she stands for – people who are committed to personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future. We are the tea party, and we thank you! Click here to see the issues that matter to you and find out how you can help advance them in your backyard and across the nation!