Jenny Beth’s Journal: ICYMI – boycott Stephen Colbert


“Late Night Show” host Stephen Colbert has been unapologetic since receiving backlash from conservatives and liberals alike for his obscene comments about President Donald J. Trump – comments so offensive the hashtag #FireColbert started trending for a hot second before being buried under other news. But we remember, and will continue to boycott Stephen Colbert. Will you join us?

The Washington Times has the commentary:

As Americans, we have broad freedom of choice because of our free-market system and competition. If we do not like what Colbert is saying on CBS, we can switch to a different channel. But, if we want to make an even more profound impact, we can also boycott the products and services advertised on The Late Show.

I have been hearing from Tea Party Patriots’ supporters across the country this week that they think it is time for a disciplined conservative boycott because Colbert’s monologue was so blatantly outside of any standard of decency.

Boycotts are powerful. Through collective “non-activity” (the non-purchase of products advertised on the show’s commercials, or the non-consumption of The Late Show), boycotts provide a vehicle for capturing the attention of companies, advertisers, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Boycotts send loud and clear messages to those most heavily invested.

Mr. Colbert and his producers have shrugged off the incident but we will not. We deserve a civil discourse more elevated and respectful than what CBS dished out that night on “The Late Show” and believe if a more conservative television host were to say similarly vulgar things about his or her political opposite, the conservative television host would have been lampooned by the mainstream media. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots send the message to CBS that we deserve a better “comedian” than Stephen Colbert!