Jenny Beth Martin: President Obama isn’t interested in whether ‘Iran lives up to its end of the deal’


Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin in her latest column for The Washington Times highlights a New York Times interview with former CIA Director Leon Panetta in which the former defense secretary says President Obama was so hell-bent on getting a signed Iran nuclear deal that the commander in chief didn’t care about cost, national-security ramifications or misrepresenting the deal to the American public through the rose-colored glasses of master propagandist Ben Rhodes.

Read the full commentary:

You read that right – Leon Panetta, former CIA Director and Defense Secretary, just told The New York Times he does not think the president he served would act to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

So all the promises the White House made about the strict enforcement of the deal and the guarantees that we could trust Iran turn out to be pure fiction. At least now it’s abundantly clear why the White House needed to rely on the talents of a novelist for this initiative.

This New York Times Magazine piece unwittingly confirms Americans’ worst fears. The article supports what we have been saying for the past year: The Iran Deal was misguided, it was – and remains – so unpopular that it requires a professional “storyteller” to market it to an unconvinced American public, and President Obama really isn’t all that interested in whether or not Iran lives up to its end of the deal.

Our commander in chief, instead of looking after the interests of the American people, bent over backward to accommodate Iran, handing over billions of dollars to the Islamic republic and demanding little-to-no-assurances Iran would abstain from developing weapons-grade uranium for nuclear weapons – reason enough to review President Obama’s deal with a fine-tooth comb and maintain shrewd congressional oversight of the deal as much as possible. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge lawmakers to roll back the disastrous Iran nuclear deal!