Jenny Beth Martin on IRS targeting scandal: ‘We need to know what happened’


Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin appeared on Fox & Friends this week to demand that the impending testimony of the former government executives at the center of the IRS targeting scandal is made public and not sealed as the two women have requested out of fear for their safety.

“They need to be kept safe; I absolutely think that needs to happen. I know what it’s like when threats are made against you and you want to feel safe but we need to know what happened. They need to testify and the public needs to hear that testimony to be able to get to the bottom of what happened to us so we can finally have justice,” says Jenny Beth.

Tea Party Patriots during the Obama administration was the target of intense IRS scrutiny and, like other conservative-leaning nonprofit organizations, its paperwork slow-rolled unlike other groups applying for tax-exempt status. Congressional investigation into the matter revealed apparent obstruction of justice as thousands of emails were destroyed in an apparent effort to cover up any wrongdoing on the part of President Obama’s IRS.