Jenny Beth Martin of IRS commissioner: ‘We want him impeached’

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Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin appeared on Fox News with Steve Doocy this morning to discuss the special resolution introduced Tuesday on the House floor demanding the impeachment of President Obama’s corrupt IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and why those at Tea Party Patriots in particular want to see the commissioner removed from his role at the agency.

Read the full transcript below:

Steve Doocy: OK, people are familiar with – they know this story generally, that the IRS targeted conservative groups, before the election a number of years ago. What do they do to you?

Jenny Beth Martin: Well, we applied for our tax status so that we would be a 501(c)4 non-profit organization and they delayed and delayed and delayed. They asked all sorts of questions, like they wanted every single post and comment on our Facebook page, they wanted passwords to our website, they wanted the names of our donors, which are supposed to be confidential. And they did that to us, they did it to other groups around the country. In some groups they asked for their reading list, the lists of books that they read. It just – the things that they did went on and on and on.

Steve Doocy: Right – Jenny Beth, why do you think they were doing that? Was that to slow you down, to keep you essentially – keep you on the sidelines during the political season?

Jenny Beth Martin: It was to slow us down and it did keep us on the sidelines. In 2012, leading into the election, we were told by our legal counsel not even to say the words ‘Obamacare’, because they were afraid by saying, ‘Obamacare’ we might be in trouble with the IRS for using the word ‘Obama.’

Steve Doocy: OK, so what happened, ultimately, to your group?

Jenny Beth Martin: Ultimately, we did receive our tax status. We got that the day before I testified before Congress. And we received it through a phone call initially, to our attorneys, which is never done.

Steve Doocy: Yeah.

Jenny Beth Martin: But the day before I testified before Congress.

Steve Doocy: How handy is that? Well, obviously, in your mind, you were targeted. They used the political power of the IRS to target you. Koskinen has already been censured by the House Oversight Committee, but you want him impeached, why?

Jenny Beth Martin: We want him impeached. Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers said that impeachment is a proper remedy when the public trust has been – has been shattered or destroyed. They have destroyed the public trust, and this will be a step to hold the IRS accountable and remind all appointed officials that if they go too far with their – the control of the government – there is some sort of accountability.

Steve Doocy: Absolutely. All right, let’s see what happens. They’re going to take it up tomorrow. Jenny Beth Martin, CEO of the Tea Party Patriots. Jenny Beth, thank you.

Jenny Beth Martin: Thank you!

President Obama’s IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has stonewalled congressional inquiry into the IRS’ malpractice and targeting of Americans for their political beliefs and even looked the other way as critical, subpoenaed evidence was destroyed. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge our lawmakers to immediately impeach the president’s corrupt IRS Commissioner John Koskinen!