Jenny Beth Martin: Members of Congress need to know that tea partyers ‘are not going away’


Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin this week says conservative grassroots activists nationwide aren’t slowing down but are continuing to demand that the men and women tea partyers helped elect follow through on their campaign promises, including a repeal of Obamacare; less government spending; better enforcement of our immigration laws; and more accountability in government agencies. These things and more, tea partyers will demand of their elected on Wednesday, March 15 with a “Day of Action” planned on Capitol Hill.

Fox Business has the details:

Tea Party Patriots national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin on Wednesday said the upcoming Capitol Hill events are to “make sure Republicans stay focused on repealing ObamaCare” and her group will follow up with its own busy month – including daily, micro-focused activities like “Message Monday” and “Tweet Tuesday.”

She bristled at the suggestion the Tea Party movement has emerged from hibernation, arguing it was instrumental over the past several election cycles in helping Republicans take control of the House, Senate and then the White House.

“We are not dead, and we have never gone away,” Martin told Fox News. “There’s a time to be active in campaigns, a time to have our voices heard and a time to stand up and be heard by members of Congress. … They need to know we are not going away.”


The election may have ended the night Hillary Clinton conceded to now-President Donald J. Trump but the campaign did not. Now more than ever, our leaders on Capitol Hill need to hear from us and know that we are holding them to their promises. Click here to see the issues that matter to you and find out how you can help hold our leaders accountable!