Jenny Beth Martin: Americans recently treated to ‘string of pleasant surprises’ related to immigration enforcement


Jenny Beth Martin in her latest opinion piece for The Washington Times writes the Trump administration is following through on its promise to enforce our immigration laws and not treat them as “mere suggestions” as former President Obama did.

Read the commentary below:

Over the past week, Americans have been treated to a string of pleasant surprises from the Trump administration related to the enforcement of our immigration laws.

The overarching message from the Trump Administration recently is that U.S. immigration laws are going to be treated the way they should be – as the laws on the books, rather than mere suggestions that can be ignored on a massive scale. Imagine! Immigration laws being enforced as laws. A pleasant surprise indeed.

Last week, while visiting Nogales, Arizona, Attorney General Jeff Sessions outlined the administration’s plans to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. As Sessions made clear in his talk, the “catch-and-release” policies of previous administrations are over. The Trump enforcement plan includes prosecuting those who violate our immigration laws, and escalating the criminal charges for repeat offenders. Anyone who attempts to come to the United States unlawfully a second time will be charged with a felony.

It’s refreshing to see an administration that respects and enforces our laws – especially those laws that have a tangible effect on our national security, protect families and underscore the value of life, liberty and property. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge our lawmakers and officials in Washington, D.C. to protect our borders and make sure those to come here are coming here through lawful channels!