IRS denies tea partyers’ longtime requests for tax-exempt status


The IRS has denied tax-exempt status to two tea-party groups, including an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based tea-party group that for seven years was waiting on an answer from the tax-collection agency.

The Washington Times has the story:

The tax agency, under orders from a federal judge, is belatedly tackling the remaining tea party cases that it delayed for years, and so far the tea party isn’t doing well. Only one of the three groups in the case was approved, and the other two, including Albuquerque, got notices of proposed denials last week.

The applicants will have a chance to appeal, but the denials aren’t sitting well with the groups, whose attorney said it’s more evidence that the IRS continues to single out the tea party for abuse.

“It is clear that we still have an IRS that is corrupt and incapable of self-correction,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, which represented a number of tea party groups in a case against the tax agency.

President Obama’s IRS isn’t letting up on its harassment of conservative political groups seeking tax-exempt status. This is not the type of government Americans signed up for! Click here to help Tea Party Patriots encourage lawmakers to vote to impeach corrupt IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for his role in singling out conservative groups!