Iowa farmer, former state rep: ‘[N]avigating the cumbersome tax code takes time away from our livelihood’


Former Iowa state representative and third-generation family farmer Annette Sweeney in a recent opinion piece says members of Congress need to join together and fix our unnecessarily intricate tax code. Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have no excuse for not simplifying what should be a simple process, she says.

The Des Moines Register has the details:

I proudly represented the people of Iowa in the state Legislature for four years and I heard many complaints about our outdated tax system. Throughout the year, taxes are of major concern for Iowans; farmers file on March 1, individuals on April 15, and small business owners pay taxes every quarter. This is just one of the many examples of how unnecessarily confusing the tax code is. We should not have to endure this year after year when our elected officials in Washington have the ability to reduce rates and simplify the way we are taxed.

Like the people across Iowa, and the country for that matter, I share the frustrations with our current arcane code. Not only did I serve in the Legislature, but I also own a farm with my husband that has been in my family for three generations. We work hard to grow quality corn and soybeans and raise healthy cattle in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. Unfortunately, navigating the cumbersome tax code takes time away from our livelihood.

As a former public servant, I understand the necessity for [sic] collecting taxes. But creating a fairer and simpler tax code should be a priority. I encourage Congress to listen to Americans about ways to improve our tax code.

Ms. Sweeney is one of many Americans across the country unnecessarily burdened by our 75,000-page-long federal tax code. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots tell Washington politicians it’s time to simplify our tax code!