Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke: Trump’s budget plan ‘is what a balanced budget looks like’

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“This is what a balanced budget looks like,” Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said, remaining on-topic as he stood strong supporting Trump’s $1.6 billion in funding cuts while liberals from several committees peppered Zinke with questions regarding Trump and other questions unrelated to the budget.

The Washington Post has the commentary:

“I support the president’s budget,” Zinke said, tough decisions and all. “It does not favor oil and gas and coal over any other strategy.”

Committee Chairwoman Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) supported Trump’s effort to seek revenue from gas exploration in her state, which she said has the nation’s highest unemployment rate. According to Murkowski, developing “one-ten-thousandth” of Arctic refuge would generate tens of millions of dollars and create much-needed jobs.

Murkowski said she found the budget request reasonable. “It asks us to look at areas where we can cut spending and take care of land in hand rather than buying more,” she said.

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