Illegal-immigrant households sucking the food-stamp program dry


Illegal immigrants who aren’t even eligible for federal food stamps are somehow syphoning resources from the program to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars, according to officials at the Department of Agriculture.

The Washington Examiner has the details:

And rules guiding who can get food stamps favor households with illegal immigrants over all-U.S. citizen homes, according to the detailed report from the Center for Immigration Studies released Monday morning…

“This looks very much like a billion-a-year problem, and all totally unnecessary,” he wrote in the report titled, “An Aid Program that Routinely Discriminates in Favor of Ineligible Aliens.’

To get food stamps, families of three can’t earn more than $2,177. But those with an illegal in the household can earn much more. The reason: The USDA prorates total household income to those who are legal.

The convoluted way the Department of Agriculture allocates food-stamp payouts is, in effect, subsidizing and supplementing the income of illegal immigrants nationwide. This is unacceptable, especially when our veterans can barely get their foot in the door to see a healthcare provider. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge lawmakers to adopt commonsense immigration policies and enforce the policies already on the books!