ICYMI: House passes Kate’s Law, a bill that would ‘crack down on illegal immigrants and the cities that shelter them’


Yesterday, the House passed legislation that would deny federal grants to sanctuary cities and increase the penalties for deported immigrants who try to return to the U.S. The bill was named after Kate Steinle, a woman murdered two years ago in ‘sanctuary city’ San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who went through multiple deportations.

Fox News has the story:

He should not have been here, and she should not have died,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday, in a final push for Kate’s Law, an earlier version of which was blocked in the Senate last year.

“Our job here is to make sure that those professionals have the tools that they need and the resources that they need to carry out their work and to protect our communities. That is what these measures are all about,” added Ryan.

The other bill, which would deny federal grants to sanctuary cities, passed with a vote of 228-195 with 3 Democrats voting yes and 7 Republicans voting no.

The bill passed over the first hurdle and will have to go through the Senate for consideration. If this bill becomes law, it would create much-needed immigration reform to keep criminal immigrants out of this country for good and prevent cities from protecting these criminal immigrants. Please click here to urge lawmakers to pass Kate’s Law and move forward with proper immigration reform!